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Technology and services for digitally enhanced training and development.

Our Services


Instructional design

At Learning Factory we provide curriculum design and instructional design services to enable clients to implement high-impact digitally-driven training and development programs.



Enhance your training and development programs with cutting-edge digital devices and technology. At Learning Factory we supply augmented reality devices and Virtual Reality headsets to provision engaging training content and for simulations.


Digital Courseware

Avoid the hassle of developing content for your training programs by licencing digital courseware from Learning Factory. We support a wide range of programs for soft skills and technical skills development, and high school education.


We help our clients achieve their desired learning outcomes by facilitating training for them. Our highly experienced team of training facilitators deliver professional training across several disciplines including bespoke training programs.

About Our Company

Learning Factory is an educational services and technology company. We support education, training and development through the provision of comprehensive instructional design services and the provision of courseware and hardware to support training and education delivery. Learning Factory supports digitally-enhanced education and training delivery offline and off-the-grid to give learners and professionals in low-resource setting great opportunities to develop their skills and competences.